Polycrystalline Micron Diamond

Saint-Gobain Surface Conditioning's polycrystalline micron diamond is produced in a controlled explosion known as shock synthesis. The resulting grains feature a very rough surface morphology.

Our polycrystalline micron diamond maximizes productivity in lapping and polishing processes across a wide range of applications. We offer three polycrystalline types with varying shapes and properties designed to meet demanding surface finishing requirements in a variety of industries.


  • Compound semiconductor wafers (II-Vi & III-Vs)
  • Sapphire, silicon carbide, gallium nitride
  • Ceramics
  • HDD components — recording heads
  • Laser crystals — YIG, YAG
  • Optical and electro-optical crystals — lithium niobate and other oxide crystals
  • Hard brittle materials
  • Carbides